June 17, 2024
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Paradise on rooftop

Terrace Garden

Nature has never ruined a chance to impress us. whether it’s the flora, fauna, birds chirping, the beautiful flowers, mountains, crystal clear flowing rivers and the evergreen sceneries. the immense joy and happiness it gives to one’s soul is priceless. As it’s said ” nature is one’s best friend” whether it’s animal, bird or human, nature is everything. Frrom physical needs such as providing shelter, food etc to mental needs such as giving joy and happiness. If this character plays such a huge role in one’s life, what about bringing it to one’s doorstep? Yes, here is where the idea of terrace gardening struck us.

This idea had its origin in the Persian tradition. It’s a variation of terrace agriculture. Many places have been constructed on the basis of this idea for example . Hanging gardens of Babylon, villa gardens of Maecenas, sanctuary of fortuna and villa of papyri. Nowadays every landscape architecture is adopting this method in their designs due to its wide range of benefits . Although it’s a myth that terrace gardening costs you too much, it can be a low budget project if you do it following a correct plan as well as little effort. 

Terrace Garden
Source: Google Images

While increasing industrialisation has led to a gross decrease in forest and other green areas . The deficit of these green friends have been evident in nature such as rise in air pollution ,soil pollution, global warming etc. The Minimum we can do is to personally plant one at our home. There are many benefits of this concept of terrace gardening. 

  • Natural nutrients

You can have fresh fruits and vegetables free from pesticides and other chemicals at your home itself. This proves that this concept is health friendly

  • Cool environment

A garden on the rooftop keeps your house cool. It gives you a real touch of nature. Trees are natural oxygen providers which is a bonus point if you plan to have a garden.

If you are living in a metropolitan city like Delhi where air pollution is at its peak,this concept can be a life saver. Trees being natural air cleansers deliver you with fresh oxygen rich air.

  • A divine treat to our senses

Keep a stool or a bench in the middle of the garden and sit for a few minutes and see the magic of nature. It’s a divine treat to our senses whether it’s the smell,visuals or touch.

  • A touch of nature magic

    Terrace Garden or Roof Top Garden at Home
    Source: Google Images

As nature is provided to you 24×7,you may be distracted from the daily routine of stress and troubles and direct your energy in an eco-friendly way.

To begin with the construy of a garden on your rooftop ,you may need a proper plan and equipment. First you may design a layout of how you are going to go about construction. Where and how you are planning to plant the seeds for example if it’s in a pot or raised beds. Next you may decide on the equipment you will need like hose pipe,watering can and trowel. Next you  must prepare the soil mixture depending upon the type of plant needs. Know how much sunlight your terrace gets so that you can decide on the plants accordingly.


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