July 15, 2024
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5 Unusual Houseplants You Should Be Growing

Do you have a dark corner at home where nothing seems to grow? Do you snub the idea of growing your plants as they are too time-consuming and require a lot of care? Are you tired of buying new plant pots every few weeks? If yes, then you should think about growing some houseplants. Not […]

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Featured Indoor Plants Tips

Your First Indoor Herb Garden: 13 Tips For Starting

The latest green craze is giving new life to the age-old practice of growing fresh herbs. An indoor herb garden doesn’t just yield aromatic plants – it also helps your home smell great, increases moisture absorption and reduces chemicals entering the soil from outside. Start your indoor herb garden with this blog post. You’ll learn […]

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Featured Indoor Plants Winter

9 Unusual Plants You Can Grow Indoors This Winter

There’s nothing quite like spending a chilly, wintery day snuggled up beside a crackling fireplace, but for some people, the cold might as well be spring. That’s why so many people are rooting their hopes and planting their doubts about indoor gardening in the winter. Not only is it an excellent way to extend your […]

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How to plan your home garden

Planning your home garden is like planning an itinerary for a trip. You want to take in as much of the sights, sounds, and smells as possible. The same goes for your home garden. It should showcase the beauty of your natural surroundings and showcase the things you grow and produce in your own backyard. […]

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Must have Indoor plants for good vibes

House plants are not just mere decoration. They have a lot of benefits too! They help filter the air and remove toxins from it, keeping your indoor space pure and healthy. They also serve as great outlets for your pet’s natural instincts—to climb, explore, and feel the earth beneath their paws. We all love home […]

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