June 17, 2024
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Money Plant Bring Home Good Fortune with Vastu

Money Plant Vastu


As kids, we all have grown up with the popular belief of associating money plants with money. And it is fine we all have done this right. The root cause of this belief is that money is associated with wealth and well-being which is not generally the case but there is something indifferent about money plants. 

You must have seen these cute climbers in office spaces, homes, gardens, kitchens, at the plane of religious belongings and even in the bathrooms. Versatile isn’t it? 

Money plant is usually associated with a lot of benefits,  bringing positivity, prosperity, and good luck to the area it is kept in. That is the reason it is the most often seen plant kept by people as compared to others. 

As per Vastu and Feng Shui, money plants have a strong effect on financial well-being. 

Backed by science and money plants are said to energise spaces. How? 

The climber filters out the air and increases the oxygen flow. 

Here are a few benefits you will receive by making money plants a part of your family.

Money Plant Bring Home Good Fortune with Vastu
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1. Reduces Stress

When it comes to stress we cannot deny the fact that we have a lot of it. Denying the fact by saying “Oh! Please don’t hype” or “I don’t stress at all” is just like escaping reality. Dealing with a lot of pressure due to hectic and busy schedule stress automatically paves its way for us. What is important here is how are you coping with it. 

Money plants are really helpful in coping with stress. It is said to keep money plants in the sharp corner of your house to bring relief to your anxiety level. The green pigment in the plants is soothing to the eyes and helps in reducing cortisol levels in the brain. 

This way you can avoid arguments and cure sleeping disorders. 

2. Attracts Wealth. 

The popular belief of the money plant is equal to money came into the picture because of the term wealth. Basically, the word wealth is not just limited to money, it is a broad term. That is the reason the plant is called a “MONEY PLANT”. The term wealth means the state of being rich. 

As per Vastu, money plants ward off negative energy and creates room for positive energy. When you bloom in a healthy and positive environment you automatically thrive. 

Vastu says that keeping money planted in the house helps in removing financial obstacles. It is believed to bring home good luck and prosperity. 

Money plants are also said to bring multiple sources of income. The plant is recommended to be grown inside the house. 

3. Placement of Money Plant Matters 

South-east Direction 

As per Vastu Shastra, the perfect direction for money is the southeast direction. The direction is lined with the planet Venus. Venus is said to be the remover of obstacles. So when keeping the plant in this particular direction is a sign of removing obstacles and ensuring your financial well-being. This is considered auspicious and ensures wealth and prosperity. 

North-east Direction 

It is advised to avoid keeping your plant in this direction. Thus it can bring troubles such as financial problems and arguments. 

North Entrances

You are lucky if you have a northern entrance to your home. In Vastu, it is the perfect place to keep your money planted. This direction is linked to good and is said to bring immense career opportunities and newer sources of income for the occupants of the house. 

If you are someone searching for new career opportunities, then Vastu suggests keeping your plant at the northern entrance for the best results.

4. Up, not Down

Money plants should always be grown in a manner so that the leaves shouldn’t touch the ground. Make an aim to grow your money plants in an upward direction. Money plants are climbers. As the name suggests the plants thrive to climb along the surface. Creepers grow well along the surface but the same rule doesn’t go well with climbers. 

Money plants need support to grow. They’ll catch onto anything which provides them support to grow. The stem and leaves being heavier tend to droop and grow downward. This is often considered a sign of negativity. So avoid this condition. 

To harness the positive energy of the plant let it climb towards the sky. 

Plant as per Vastu
Source: Google Images


5. Radiation Absorber 

In a world full of electronic devices, radiation is present everywhere. Computers, cell phones, laptops, as well as wi-fi routers all are responsible for it. The fact is,  you can’t eliminate any of them.
Money plants are best at absorbing radiation. Thus these climbers are able to protect you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that comes from your favourite gadgets.
So what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself.

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