July 15, 2024
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A full Guide for your Urban Terrace Garden

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Ever wondered how to grow your own veggies but worried about how, to begin with? Urban Terrace Garden is the best possible option. In this article, we will be covering some of the great tips by Doctor Viswanath. He is the pioneer of terrace gardening in India and will tell you all you need to know. From the amount and quantity of soil to the fertilisers and what veggies to grow we have covered it all for you. 

To make your terrace garden lush green with healthy fruits and vegetables. It has been a long time and plants require similar treatment to babies. According to Dr Viswanath “treat your plants like babies and they will give you amazing returns”. 

In case you are someone who is planning for gardening on a terrace here is a guide to get a healthy organic terrace garden. It is very easy for human beings to naturally relate to plants since we live among them. So taking care of them is nothing difficult because just like us they are living organisms. 

The more you show love and care the more you get in return. This basic ideology is followed everywhere in life. So if you planning to start your terrace garden journey then take a look at the article below

Urban Terrace Garden
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Getting Started – The Right Space

If your house is built well according to the eyes of architecture in an appropriate way there is nothing you cannot grow on your terrace. It is even able to bear the weight of bigger trees. You can also cover the entire surface with soil to make a lawn and experiment with it. But please keep in mind that the surface of your terrace is waterproof. 

This will avoid leakage into the home. In case you are going for a regular terrace garden with pots and other containers, there is no extra effort required. 

Right soil and nutrients 

In order to get the most out of your garden the right type of soil is really important because it could seriously affect the growth of your fruits, veggies, or flowers. A right amount of mixture which contains soil, coir peat and vermicompost in equal quantities should be prepared. 

Also, keep in mind during monsoons after heavy rains make sure to bring the nutrients back into the soil. Since the water tends to wash away the nutrients present in the soil. You can ensure that the soil has enough nutrition by adding compost to the soil every week. 

A pro tip for your first time 

In case you are trying out gardening for the very first time, start with a single vegetable and then gradually start experimenting with other vegetables. You can even initiate with a small pot. For example plants like chillies and tomatoes are easier to grow and do not require much effort. So one can start their journey with those. 

Urban Rooftop Garden
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Gardening requires patience. And in the beginning, it may require a couple of months to see visible results. In this phase, most people give up because they do not see results even after taking care of the plant. They expect more in less time meanwhile ignoring the fact that development is the most time taking phase. 

Things to grow on your terrace garden 

A vegetable you must start off your journey with our French beans, chillies, tomatoes, brinjal, okra, and lime. These plants are easier to grow and require very little care as compared to other subsidiaries. You can even try your hands on cucumber, ridge gourd, and bottle gourd. 

Other root vegetables to include are potatoes, onions, radishes, carrots, and groundnuts. But it requires a larger area. Apart from the vegetables, you can also grow fruit-bearing trees such as guava, or banana. But wait, have you ever wondered about growing a coconut tree? According to Dr Kadur, “if one can grow that, one can grow anything here”. 

Things to keep in mind 

Watering your plants is a basic requirement. In summer it is advised to water your garden twice a day. And in winter you can water accordingly by checking the moisture content of the soil using your hands to press the soil back. During monsoons, it is not advised to water the garden in the rain. Excess water can drain the nutrients away from the soil. 

Another important element for your terrace garden is enough sunlight. At least four to six hours of direct sunlight is required. In areas with too harsh sunlight, you can prefer to offer shade to your plant to prevent them from wilting and scorching.

You can even prepare your own compost by using waste veggies and fruits. So I hope with this you must have got an idea of how to take care of your terrace garden and what to choose by keeping in mind a few points.


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